In a Vase on Monday: Three’s a Crowd?

I spent most of Sunday tidying up some shelves to make space for my increasing collection of vases, so now I can see just how many I have got! On the other hand, the number of flowers available this week is noticeably smaller. However, I salvaged some of the last colourful blooms for three small vases, all of which I inherited from a lovely lady who loved her flowers as much as me.🙂


 This is the last of those gorgeous cactus zinnias, along with countless other bits and pieces. The Golden Euonymus produced some lovely berries. And the fern at the back has developed a lovely toffee colour. Persicaria, Pennisetum, Feverfew and the golden Buddleia round off the autumn colours.


The second vase is almost summery…


The last of the Fairy Rose, Cosmos Candy Stripe, Buddleia, a sprig of Miscanthus and look at that Geranium and fresh Aquilegia foliage!


The third vase was actually just an attempt to rescue the last rosebuds, which will certainly not open now as the days grow shorter and dimmer.


Along with some fresh poppy leaves which often appear in autumn, I added some Verbena bonariensis, a few grasses and that silvery green plant I can never remember the name of…


I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again, for her wonderful Monday meme. Do visit her to see what she and other contributors have found for their vases this week.🙂

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The Tuesday View: 18th October 2016

I started planting some bulbs this morning, but the drizzly weather got the better of me by lunchtime today.😦

The autumn light is lovely though, and the rockery is looking so colourful still.


I think little has changed in the past week, except for some tidying up. The Perovskia was trimmed to give the Persicaria Blackfield beneath it some air, an old lavender plant was removed and another Calamagrostis acutiflora (‘Waldenbuch’) put in its place, and the peony foliage that has already flopped was chopped back to stop some ground cover Sedums getting smothered.


The Ricinus I planted out in the rockery is still going strong, and the colours fit in much better with the autumn reds and pinks.


Please feel free to join me with a weekly shot of one single view of your garden. I have enjoyed following the changes closely and hope to continue for a few weeks yet.

To close for today, a couple of shots of the Acer, which is possibly at its peak now and looks stunning even in the rain!



I think I will give up on bulb planting for today… after all, we still have time, don’t we?😉 I shall spend the afternoon in the warm kitchen making pumpkin soup instead!

Have a great week!

In a Vase on Monday: Six in One

I received a lovely gift last week – a vase that is in fact six vases, filled with flowers from my friend’s garden. It has since been refreshed with some extras from my own garden and is looking very colourful as a table decoration!


It is divided into two chambers, each with three ‘vases’, which makes filling and topping up easier than six individual ones. And it seems to be dancing, as not every vase is standing flat.

The contents are much the same as my smaller vase last week: Cosmos Xanthos, Purity, Double Click and Candy Stripe. Cactus Zinnia…


… Geraniums, Asters, Roses, Sedums and Feverfew. Teucrium, Lavender, Pennisetum, Linaria, Japanese Anemone and Leadwort.


And a lovely blue Pincushion flower from my friend’s garden…


As we are now in the middle of October I suspect the number of flowers will gradually dwindle from now on, but for now I am more than happy with what I can find for my Monday vase. Thanks to our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for this inspiring meme.🙂


The Tuesday View: 11th October 2016

It’s another grey day this week. The sun tried hard to break through the clouds, but failed miserably, with rain later this afternoon. I took my photo of the view at about 2.30pm, while it was still a bit brighter…tuesdayview11th2

Thank goodness for the colour on such a drab day! There is more paling foliage this week, but the golden Euonymus and Persicaria Firetail brighten up this area, and several Geraniums are still flowering in the foreground.

Buried below the sagging Perovskia a brave little Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ is flowering again. This one is nowhere near as strong as Firetail, but it is also a lot younger so perhaps it will catch its big brother up one day.


At the back of this view you can also see the Japanese maple turning a lovely burnt orange… when the sun shines I will have to get some prettier pictures of it to share.


I am also pleased with the autumn colour of the dwarf standard Lilac tree ‘Palibin’ planted last year. It is in front of the tall pink rose at the top of the rockery, just behind the spiky Crocosmia foliage. The flowers were short-lived, but the foliage is at least nice all summer too.

Perhaps you would like to join me in following a single view of your garden through the seasons, posting a photo each Tuesday. It has been a very useful and fun exercise again this year, as I observe what works, what struggles and where the gaps are for new ideas.🙂 Thanks to all those who have joined in so far!


In a Vase on Monday: October, October!

I originally intended to try and put together today’s vase with 50 items from my garden… since I celebrated my 50th birthday at the weekend. But then my sister gave me this gorgeous vase which deserves better than being crammed full of anything and everything! Still, there is a lot in there…


The small rock on the table is a souvenir picked from the bed of the river Isar in the Bavarian mountains at the weekend.🙂

The vase is the Portmeirion Enchanted Tree jug, and the tree is full of different birds, with a hare and deer at the base…


I really love it, and I filled it with all the loveliest flowers I could find, which included an unexpected Buddleia flower…


The Verbena bonariensis is also flowering still, and I love this purple and orange combination with sunflower Earth Walker…


The Persicaria Firetail is still attracting the bees, even on a chilly cloudy day…


And the Scabiosa ochroleuca below is also still producing a few flowers. I hope it sets lots of seeds!


I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme and hope you will also take a look at her vase today, as well as all the others linking in from around the globe.


Oh, and this last little vase was also put together with some leftover bits and pieces. That is a lovely Cactus Zinnia at the centre, with some Asters, Roses, Leadwort and Cosmos, and some Hypericum berries picking up the pinky orange colours nicely.


Have a great week everyone, and a special hello and thank you to my sister for the vase!


The Tuesday View: 4th October 2016

At around 1.30 pm I decided the weather wasn’t going to get any better, so I went out to take a few photographs of the view for this Tuesday.

It’s looking pretty autumny!


As I walked around I noticed how some of the yellowing foliage looks almost springlike – look at the Geranium foliage in the centre below… Yes, a slight brownish tinge to the edges, but such a fresh pale green.


The October light is almost as lovely as in September, as the foliage slowly releases a golden glow to everything around it. As you can see though, the rain has got the better of the Perovskia. There are still a few bees buzzing sleepily around it.


And the highlight today for me was the Linaria, sending up new flowers after I had cut it right down about six weeks ago…


So as some flowers fade (like the Gaura) others stand out even more.

I shall continue to show my view each Tuesday this autumn for as long as there is anything interesting to see, and if you would like to join me in observing one spot in your garden through the seasons, please leave a link below so we can share in your pleasure!