What plant would you be?

If you were a plant what would you be?

A rose?    An evergreen?    Or perhaps something exotic from the tropics?

I would definitely be a flower, with a vivid colour, since I love colourful things. And I would have to still be in flower in my favourite season… autumn.

Perhaps this…?

I’d be easy-going and not fussy where I settle, but  I don’t like to be water-logged and would really appreciate some sunshine (not too much!).

Maybe this…?

I should also like to be attractive to guests, such as butterflies and bees and humming-bird hawk moths, providing enough nectar for everyone! Slugs and snails, however, would not like me.

Or this…?

What about you? Write to me and let me know which plant you would like to be!

3 thoughts on “What plant would you be?

  1. The reason why I would be a Snowdrop is that they are a symbol of hope for the future. That they are small and delicate and yet tenacious as they fight their way through the snow. I have the fight of my life to face as my funding was turned down but I will emerge strong and intact just like the first snowdrops. Thinking of you my friend xx

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