Weeds of Gold

Aren’t they beautiful?

(No, this is not my garden! Which is why I think these dandelions are so pretty.)

In my garden they are weeds!

This was the field just outside our back gate last Monday.

This is the same field two days later!

And the wind was blowing towards my garden…

I think I’m going to have some weeding to do… 😉

23 thoughts on “Weeds of Gold

  1. Oh dear, I also have loads of dandelions in the garden. It looks like the intro of the old TV childrens programme “Löwenzahn”. I like the colour of the flower though, if it´s someplace else.

    • LOL! Yes, it WAS beautiful, but for such a brief time. Last year we had a second lot of flowers later, after the field was mown… hope the wind blows in a different direction then! 🙂

  2. When I look at a field of yellow like that and it makes me wonder why I hate dandielions so much and then I see those seedheads and then the wind starts to blow and I am reminded. Happy weeding 😉

    • Thanks Strawberryindigo. The seeds even blew into the house yesterday! (There’s one floating around my coffee cup right now!) 🙂

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