Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris

Queen of the garden

Stands above her realm below

Reigning in glory


Aquilegia vulgaris is commonly called European Columbine, or “Granny’s Bonnets”.

Aquilegia is from the Latin word for eagle – aquila – because the petals are supposed to resemble the claw of an eagle. Columbine is from the Latin for pigeon – columba… Why, I don’t know!

Personally I like the name Granny’s Bonnets best, as it describes the flower heads of this plant so well!

10 thoughts on “Aquilegia vulgaris

  1. I like “Aquilegia” and have dark blue, violet blue, dark red, pink and pale pink ones. Sometimes it
    seems to me as if this flower could change colours.
    I like your photo and poem!

  2. Columba is referring to “dove”… and it’s an early symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Christian church…images have been found in the caticombs…Today it’s mostly forgotten as such and the dove is the principle image used as a symbol. There are several reasonings as to why??? Some people think it was the nine petals (but for the life of me I can never count nine???) and others it’s due to the way the blossom droops over looking down…as the Holy Spirit is supposed to be looking down upon us.

    I stopped by here because here in the US it has been interesting to see how haiku takes on differing foms in different countries. I’m glad to find your post so as to give me some insight into the way haiku has developed in your country.

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