In school I learned that the German word Brotzeit is the time when an evening meal is served…

However, it is in fact a snack at any time of day and an important part of Bavarian beer garden culture; many restaurants or pubs have a separate “Brotzeit” menu, which includes cold meat, sausage or cheese served with bread.

Here is a vegetarian Brotzeit enjoyed in a beer garden recently…

I love these old weathered wooden bread boards used for serving. Above, local cheese with caraway seeds. Below, Emmental cheese platter.

It was so delicious I just had to share!


30 thoughts on “Brotzeit

  1. Lovely, that would be nice right now!! Love the cheeses, wheres the bread!! I found your site looking for different european cheeses, nice site.

    my hobby is woodworking, I make alot of cutting boards and serving boards.
    thanks for sharing,
    South Carolina, USA

    • Hi Michael. Nice of you to stop by! The place where I had this cheese platter makes a wonderful homemade bread with cumin and spices in it. An acquired taste perhaps as it’s quite strong, but goes well with the homebrewed beer too! (It’s a monastery beer garden!)
      The cheeses would look good on one of your wooden serving boards. 😀

  2. Hi Cathy
    I Like your site, and thank you for looking at my site. The bread sounds really good too. We have a friend bakery and an Italian bakery for bread and pastries but we don’t have anyone with a variety of cheeses that you have. Two or three types of goat cheese is about all. You are lucky to have all the great food. Now we do have a lot of brewery’s, some really great beer. Wish I could be their to have some of the cheese and a good cool beer!

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