Coriander Flowers

A brief interlude from my series on the Hortus Eystettensis garden to celebrate a herby event…

My coriander is in flower!

Coriander sativum

Coriander leaves (Cilantro) have , for me, a rather too intense aroma. In European cuisine they are used only in small quantities, although the seeds are used more frequently and have been a common ingredient in the United Kingdom since before the Battle of Hastings! (1066).

However, a Georgian friend once told me to try eating the flowers…

So I tried a flower head, not quite fully opened as he had suggested, on a slice of bread, spread with cream cheese…


The texture of the flower is very slightly crunchy and the flavour is not as intense as the leaves. Delicious!

I now look forward to the first flowers every year, and try to resow some so that I get a second crop later on. If you have a coriander plant, please try this. I’m sure you will become as addicted as I am!

(Part Three of the Bastion Garden/Hortus Eystettensis series tomorrow!)


22 thoughts on “Coriander Flowers

    • I know, and I also know that the Americans use the Spanish name Cilantro…. still doesn’t appeal to me much though! Hope you have plenty in your garden, as I find mine takes ages to get bushy and leafy anyway.

    • I have a recipe to post soon where you can use coriander leaves (I left them out), and the flowers are pretty even if you don’t eat them! 😉

  1. File this under “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”
    I never have much luck growing it as cilantro (for the leaves), but I’m awesome at growing coriander!
    (Ok, it’s not ME. The plants bolt quickly here…)

  2. We call it cilantro here, I LOVE it in homemade salsa with lots of lime juice, it compliments the lime nicely! I have never used the seeds (coriander) in anything though. I can only grow it in the fall, it doesn’t like our heat and humidity.

    • Mine is taking its time this year… maybe because it’s been so humid then. The seeds are also often used in spicy dishes, although they are not really spicy themselves. More aromatic, like peppercorns.

  3. I like coriander seeds, and my husband likes cilantro on his mexican food, so we are both happy with this little plant. Mine is not blooming yet, but will try the sandwich when it is.

  4. In this picture there are 2 different type of leaves but most pictures show them like the parsley leaves.
    Your pictures have them like dill leaves.
    Do you know more about this.
    Are there different names for these 2 types.

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