Happiness is…

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

This the Small Tortoiseshell above. Tortoiseshells have been in my garden almost continually since March… one of the first butterflies we see in spring, and also one of the last in the autumn.

Below is the Common Brimstone

The brimstone is yellow (butterfly yellow) when it flies, but NEVER settles with its wings open! I have lots of them in the garden, but have never seen the upper side up close!


30 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. I like the quote – yes, happiness sometimes comes to you when least expected,,,,
    Happiness even may be to watch a rare butterfly fluttering around in your garden or alighting
    on a flower so that you are able to admire its beauty One of my favourite butterflies is the “Kleine Fuchs”, Very pretty photos!

  2. Such beautiful photos. I am always grateful to those who photograph and name butterflies… I struggle to remember which is which and the more I see, the better I become at remembering, so thank you.

    • Thanks Gardening Shoe! I am making an effort this year to identify the ones in my garden, and am trying to keep a record of the ones I can photograph at least! (Some are just too quick!)

  3. First of all, that is a wonderful quote, and so very true. The colors on these butterflies are beautiful. Both are similar ones we have, I think a bit brighter. I love the purple markings on the tortoise shell. My lavender hasn’t even begun to flower yet. Your area must have a much longer growing season than we do.

    • My lavender flowered early June… a little earlier than usual, but was then scorched by the heatwave we had! I should cut it back, but the butterflies and bees still come, so it must stay! 🙂

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