Tuesdays at Two (4th December)

We had snow! Sadly it turned to rain overnight and has gone all slushy…



But here’s a bonus photo from Monday, at about 11am, when I got so excited because the sun made a brief and rare appearance!


The snow was beautiful while it lasted!

Have you had snow yet?

The View Club:

Celi, from The Kitchen’s Garden

Claire, from Promenades Plantings

Marie, from My Little Corner of Rhode Island

Linda, from Life on a Colorado Farm

Janine, from The Letter J, The Number 9

31 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (4th December)

  1. Beautiful. And for extra charm, WordPress turned on the snow feature yesterday so when I viewed your pictures there was “snow” falling across the page.

    We’re having Spring again here–74F. today (23C.).

    • At least fires are one thing we don’t need to worry about at the moment. You need a good rainfall… or snowfall, to put them out for the winter.

  2. The snow picture is so pretty. We don’t get snow in central Texas, Maybe some sleet now and then but it is rare. Climate warming had hd a definite impact on the weather. We have only had made 2 nights of 31-32 degrees and today it is sunny and I can go outdoors without even a light weight jacket.

  3. We had snow flakes and over night a white ground – but it´s gone. Snowflakes on wordpress: Dashbord -> Einstellungen -> Allgemein -> Time, Language and showing snow until Jan. 4th!

    • After seeing the snowflakes on someone else’s blog I had to google, and found out how! 😀
      In English it’s: Dashboard – Settings – General – Snow! Thanks Uta!

  4. I like your wonderful wintry heading-photo and the snow-flakes softly falling down. How pretty – blue
    and white are my favourite colours…

  5. Hi Cathy: Nice snow pics. I like to appreciate the white stuff from afar, luckily for me, it is rare here, which is a good thing. We are weather wimps where I live and 2″ shuts the city down and sends everyone into a panic, really. It is embarassing to say but I’m one of those wimps… 😉

    • No need to be embarassed – it happens here too! At the end of October no one was prepared for the 1/2 inch we had and it caused chaos! By December we are just waiting for it though, and the south is pretty well prepared usually. Stay warm! 😀

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