Advent 2012 (Part Three)

The third week of Advent is here… doesn’t time fly!

I have already eaten far too many cookies and had my fill of mulled wine for another year. This week means the Christmas dinner shopping, making a few things ahead for the freezer, getting some housework done (while singing Christmas carols), and enjoying the sparkle and candlelight of the season on the shortest day of the year.


For the third week of Advent I wish everyone:

Sparkle – be it sunshine or candlelight!

The chance to laugh out loud

Time to listen

A moment of peace and quiet – just for you


22 thoughts on “Advent 2012 (Part Three)

  1. I would not be able to resist those cookies either if I had made those that you have pictured on your blog but then I have to watch the sugar- oh well. I do eat some now and then, Lovely photo of the foot prints in the snow.

  2. Cathy: I love your Advent sends and beautiful photos of a part of the world in which I was raised as a child! Adds to my Christmas experience too . . . Hope you do not mind if I share your Advent Two with some likeminded friends closer to Yule . . .

    • I’m glad now that I didn’t get round to trying out rosehip syrup… and my dog likes to bite the hips off the bush, even if it does mean a couple of scratches!

  3. I love the sparkle of this time of year – especially the sparkle within! I’ve not had any mulled wine yet – what am I playing at?? I’d love to follow those little tracks in the snow…

  4. Nice Cathy…lovely words and beautiful sentiment. I’ve been decorating and cleaning all day all while singing Christmas carols…having a wonderful time—tomorrow will be cookie making time! 🙂

  5. Thanks for your wonderful Advent wishes. I´m wishing the same to you too.
    Whilst looking at your beautiful wintry pictures I´m just feeling that moment of peace and quiet…

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