Tuesdays at Two (January 8th)

The Christmas decorations have gone, and the last of the glitter has been vacuumed up. Even the WordPress snow has gone. 😦

There is a saying here that if winter hasn’t arrived by Epiphany, then it won’t come at all… well, the snowdrop shoots are visible already…


Still grey, and green, and foggy. A little monotonous… so just to remind me that this garden can look so beautiful in the sunshine, a bonus photo from July 2012!


Have a good week everyone!


40 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (January 8th)

  1. I hadn’t heard the saying about Epiphany and winter weather before – don’t much like the cold, but a winter without some snow would be strange. Still, there’s time yet…

  2. The property still is lovely, but the bonus picture kicks things up a notch. Nice. I have some guests coming tomorrow to see my garden but I warned them to bring their imaginations.

  3. Methinks we all need some ‘in-between time’ sometimes to do other things and think other thoughts. And then we look outside and change has been happening 🙂 !

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