Tuesday at Two (May 28th)

What a week it has been! Cool and showery. A rained out Sunday and Monday, with unseasonally low temperatures. But bright warm sunshine at last today!


The Aquilegias have definitely been the plant of the month…


They withstand the wind and rain


And keep the few bees that venture out happy


But the most amazing plant in May was this tulip, “Texas Gold”, which has flowered all month, despite lots of stormy showers, and has gradually turned more and more orange around its slightly frilly edges.


What has been YOUR favourite flower this May?

32 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (May 28th)

  1. So the sun has gone to Germany! It certainly isn’t here. Here everything flowers in May, so it is impossible to have a favourite for the month, hardly possible for the day. Today it is the Madonna Lilly. Christina

    • Wednesday morning here, and it’s absolutely bucketing down again! Yesterday was a little teaser I think, just to remind us that May CAN be warm and sunny! LOL! Hope your Lily lasts a while for you to enjoy.

  2. We have a late Spring here in northern Michigan (especially on Beaver Island, with big Lake Michigan surrounding us), so tulips are still in their glory here. The wild trillium have just started to bloom in the woods. I have to say they are my favorite. Lovely post, thank you!

  3. Beautiful photos Cathy! I have the same blooms in my garden and rain and more rain for the whole weekend and today.

  4. A nice sunny view this week – but the spring weather still isn’t what it could be, is it? They are saying though, that the cool spring should mean a bumper apple harvest this year. There’s certainly lots of blossom just now – does that count as a favourite flower for May?

  5. Your two o’clock view really sparkles today in the sunshine. Love the different colors of your Aquilegia. Finally my peony has bloomed–the flowers are so fleeting I have to say that’s my favorite for now.

    • The late peonies are very late here this year – I hope you don’t get rain to spoil the peonies. I took one early flower indoors out of the rain and put it in a large glass bowl of water, and it lasted for days.

      • It is almost 5:30 am and pouring but we will be in a Heat Wave for 3 days over 90 F man and some parts not too far from here had snow on the long holiday weekend I hope weather settles down and we all get to weather the storms

  6. Blooms at the end of May at some height and inland in Australia? Actually my weeping apricot rose still has a hundred or so blossoms valiantly attempting to decry approaching winter – good gal: she has been ‘going’ since early September last year 🙂 ! Time for a rest methinks!!!!

    • How lovely! I sometimes get one or two roses hanging on in November, but I would love to see a weeping apricot rose in its hundreds!

  7. Lovely pictures of your Aquilegias and tulips! I like all the “May flowers” in my garden, but most I love my Aquilegias because of their variety of colours and – first of all my “Iris sibirica” that is opening just now.

  8. Oh how I wash I was there..what part of Bavaria….my ancestors were form Homburg……in the 1600….I am instinctively drawn to germany….I am second generation on my fathers side..

    • I live in the middle – near the River Danube, and about 2 hours from the Alps. I’m afraid I don’t know Homburg…. that’s further north.

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