Gold at my feet

As I slip into my pale autumn complexion,

my garden goes to town

in orange and brown


As I feel the light slowly being stolen,

my garden scatters golds and yellows

regardless of shadows


As I fear the oncoming chill and grey of winter,

my garden wraps me tight

in its vibrant glow of warm light


As I watch colours fade and plants decay,

my garden is ablaze

with treasures


And as I drop spring bulbs into the rapidly cooling soil, I find this…


41 thoughts on “Gold at my feet

    • Yes, they are tall asters. I saw some beautiful pale pink ones mixed with pale lilac the other day. Although the stems look ugly at the bases I wouldn’t be without these late flowers!

  1. Wonderful words and pictures as well, Cathy! I admire your talent for writing… expressive, picturesque and vivid – like a painting of autumn…

  2. Oh Cathy, this is simply beautiful!!! Didn’t know you’re a poet too. It’s great and important to be able to enjoy this time of year with all its splendour and its grey sides as well. It helps us to gently make the transition to winter. So much to enjoy if you just open your eyes…have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  3. What a great post, such Light and airy writing it really brings across the feeling of the season. I feel like you’re riding a bulldozer when you read my own posts! Lol, nice!

  4. Hi there Cathy–this is one of my favorites post of yours, it’s so beautiful in its thought and spirit. I love the first three lines of your poem–completely charming! Thank you. Spotting that one little strawberry still chugging along was magic too. I love it when things like happen. Be well, Susie at life-change-compost.

    • I shall have to look through all my photos to remind me of what’s in store next spring… If it’s a mild winter, as forecast by a wise old weatherman here(!), the bulbs could even be showing by January! We can be optimists! Thanks for your lovely comment Debra!

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