Misty November


I saw old Autumn in the misty morn

Stand shadow-less like silence, listening

To silence.

Thomas Hood, Ode: Autumn



The stripped and shapely

Maple grieves

The ghosts of her

Departed leaves

John Updike, A Child’s Calendar  


I hope November is kind to you all!

40 thoughts on “Misty November

  1. The walnut has lost half its leaves but it didn’t change colour, the leaves just went brown. So far November is good, but rain is predicted for tomorrow, I hope it doesn’t arrive.

    • Hi Christina. We are having rain now too – lots of it! Perhaps we’re getting yours too! Hope we get some dryer weather next week to finish tidying up the garden.

    • Thank you Susan. It looks like it will be a rather damp month if the forecast is correct – at least a week of rain to come! As soon as it dries up I’ll be clearing away more leaves. Happy raking!

    • The golden yellows are still hanging on in places, thank goodness, as it is rather dismal at the moment with fog and rain. Hope we get a few rays of sunshine yet before they all fall. 😀

    • Yes, the month began true to its reputation with fog and rain, and a chill in the air too. When I took the photos yesterday morning it was so still and quiet all around – a holiday here in Bavaria! (Allerheiligen). Even the crows took the day off too and were not to be heard!

  2. Cathy, you’ve captured November! Our leaves are just starting to be beautifully colored, but rain is stripping the leaves off the trees today. We needed the rain though so I can’t complain. Take care.

    • Your cotinus jumped out of the photo at me in your last post Janet – it will be a lovely backdrop for those pink shades when it gets larger. Enjoy your walk! 😀

  3. Thanks for the November good wishes Cathy. I need them – my reaction to the arrival of November is always a most emphatic NO at the very top of my voice!

  4. Carrot cake, gorgeous nature and an enchanting garden – just the sort of loveliness on this November day!! Happy Belated Birthday Cathy girl and thank you for making even gray days full of sunshine over here! 😀 Sharon

  5. This weekend was the demarcation line between fall and early winter. The rains came and the wind blew hard enough to clear the remaining leaves from the maples. I am very grudgingly making the last of the preparations for winter.

    • Oh, the same here Charlie! The last pots are being emptied, outdoor water turned off, last of the leaves raked up…. It’s been very wet and windy here too!

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