Tuesday View (3rd December)

Another frosty morning, but that meant blue skies and sunshine for most of the day!


This is about 11.30am, with the maximum sunshine the south rockery gets in winter. The light picks out the green cushions of Aubretia and the golden Euonymous, but also the moss on some of the rocks, which is in its element here in winter.


Hope you are keeping warm if winter has also reached your part of the world.


39 thoughts on “Tuesday View (3rd December)

  1. Hi Cathy, We have days just like yours…..cold and sunny. Highs in the twenties all this next week. That is very unusual for the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. Lovely photo of the lichen on your rock. The snow coming down on your page is really cool!

    • It makes such a difference when the sun comes out and there were lovely shadows across the garden too. By 3pm it disappeared behind the hill, but we had a pretty pink sky for over an hour!

  2. Yes, winter has arrived! Very cold and clear here too. The mossy rock is pretty. Moss covers some of the rocks in my garden too in the winter. I’ve never really though about why it is in winter… sometimes it is very dry and cold here in winter but that must be ok for some types of moss.

    • Mosses seem to be amazing survivors. We have a lot on part of our roof – it all dries up in the heat in summer, but as soon as it rains it’s there again, as green and fresh as ever!

    • I am far too much of a comfort creature to sit out there, but I can imagine it too! 😉 Maybe I’ll try it – there may be snow tomorrow morning. 😀 Thank you for commenting – always good to hear from you!

  3. What a really lovely photo you have taken of the rock with frosted moss, the textures are beautiful. Still so much to see even as winter is upon us, high winds due here tomorrow and much colder.

    • I find myself looking harder for pretty things in winter, and am so often rewarded, as with the mossy rock! The winds are forecast here too, but we are so far south/inland I wonder if they’ll get this far…

  4. The shadows are different to last week, aren’ they? Well, another three weeks and things will start to pick up. We’ve had lovely crisp days but today is foggy and milder. My toes are stuck in the radiator 😉

    • That’s the frost-encrusted moss – pretty isn’t it! Moss is so resilient and pops up all over the garden all year round. Hope you’re staying warm Barbara!

    • Now that IS a problem, but short-term they shouldn’t suffer too much. Hope it warms up again for you. We had problems with very cold weather and no snow one winter – a few plants died as they were frozen so long and were thirsty too.

    • Yes, It has that effect on me too – just have to touch it! We have a lovely patch of moss in the shade in summer where we like to walk barefoot or even lie on it!

  5. Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart.

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