Tuesday View (11th February)

A quick snap today, as I’m preparing for a visit from my Mum and Dad from the UK. 😀 A few days of conversation and some games of Scrabble by the fire will make February rush by in a breeze and before we know it spring will have arrived!

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring


The garden seems to be suspended in time… nothing happening yet!


Have a great day everyone!


39 thoughts on “Tuesday View (11th February)

    • I haven’t seen them for months, so it will be lovely. Hope you can visit your parents too Barbara. We all need something to look forward to at this time of year! 😀

  1. Have a fabulous time with your parents Cathy, we are expecting TNGs parents in a couple of weeks, and are really looking forward to it. Your border looks greener to me, but maybe that is the light. I really love the contrasting textures and subtle colours.

    • Thank you Janet. February is a good month for visits! It does seem greener out there, but I fear a lot of it is just moss! 😉 I’m glad at least that we didn’t have any permafrost this year, as it damaged the lavenders in the rockery terribly a couple of years ago.

    • Thank you Sarah. We seem to be having endless days of mild grey weather with one or two partly sunny days every week or so. A bit of variety would be nice – as long as it’s not rain! The UK has been on our news all week – hope you are high and dry where you are.

  2. The garden may look a little bare to you when you think of what is to come in spring, but it’s still really lovely. There are shades of different colors that are very appealing. I know you’ll be so glad to have time with your mom and dad. I hope there will be many Scrabble games and lots of hugs! Have a delightful time…but I know you will!

    • Oh yes Debra – lots of hugs will also be on the cards. I don’t see them very often so will make the most of it. Thanks for your lovely comment! 😀

  3. May look as if it is suspended animation but there are subtle changes going on all the time. Enjoy that precious time with your family Cathy and I hope that the sun shines for their visit.

    • That’s interesting, so plants are not necessarily a part of it! Thanks once again for enlightening me Steve. I must now take a look at some German words for garden too. 😉

    • Hi Donna. I hear there’s been more snow on the east coast. I bet you’ll be glad when the snow finally stops and you can see your garden again too. Have a good weekend!

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