Tuesday View (1st April)

March was such a pleasant month – mostly sunny, occasionally breezy, and with some really warm days mixed in. But far too dry. I have actually had to water some individual plants, which I rarely do even in summer. This has slowed down the “greening” process, but I am certainly not complaining as spring always seems to be over far too quickly. Don’t you agree?

The view today…


And zooming in we can see some tiny daffodils – the frilly ones are called “Rip van Winkle”!


The tiny blue flowers are Aubretia – I’m not usually keen on them, but the bees love them…


The Spring Corner is still looking lovely even after the warm weather we’ve been having. Maybe the cool nights have helped…


Finally, I found this on the woodland path – two hazel catkins fell to form a heart. Aaah, so sweet. I just had to show you!


Have a happy week!


34 thoughts on “Tuesday View (1st April)

  1. I love all the beautiful flowers – especially those in your spring corner. Beautiful! And clever little catkins! Nature clearly loves you πŸ˜‰

  2. Love your spring corner, so many pretty flowers! My aubretia isn’t out yet, you must be warmer than us. What clever catkins you have, placing themselves in just the right position!

    • Thanks Pauline. The aubretia is very early – all the sun has tempted it out! (It IS a south-facing position). We are still a good 3 or even 4 weeks ahead of last year.

    • I couldn’t believe my eyes either Christina – I thought my partner had arranged them just for me to find, but no – nature did it! πŸ˜€

  3. I’ve a soft spot for Aubretia, it is such a zingy blue/purple in the spring but a scruffy thing for the rest of the year. The catkins are a sign of good to come I am sure. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, there is a definite green tinge to the woodlands now, but still very early for many trees. The hazels are turning green rapidly and the beech and maple leaves are also just unfurling.

  4. I agree with you that March was just a blur! It went by entirely too quickly for me, but then again, for those who have eagerly been holding on for spring weather, I feel like I need to be happy it’s April. πŸ™‚ The little heart-shaped catkins are delightful. And your beautiful garden is really filling in nicely. What a difference in just a couple of weeks, for sure. It’s such a sanctuary, Cathy!

    • Hi Debra. I’m glad April has arrived, as the fear of an unexpected bout of wintry weather is now banished for good! Yes, everything is slowly turning green and filling out. It always seems like a small miracle after the bleak empty flowerbeds of winter. πŸ˜€ Have a lovely April Debra!

  5. Our soil is far from dried out. Love your little spring flowers and notice you have chionodoxa too – they’re so wonderful and last for ages. I agree with you on aubrieta but they’re such a sight in spring – just planted one which is called “Blaumeise”…couldn’t resist the name πŸ˜‰ – have a good week, Cathy!

    • Thanks, you too Annette! “Blaumeise” is a cute name. I will remove some of the older Aubretia though, as it flowers so sparsely and covers up a pretty rock.

  6. What a sweet~heart πŸ™‚ . Yes, I feel somehow like being in a stuck state. I can see the flowers but I am not really connected with. I have to wait for April and May!

  7. The colours of the aubretia and daffodils really stand out against the backdrop of green in the view. Aren’t the catkins lovely… you could be selling that photo as a Valentine’s day card next year!

    • The aubretia really does make all the difference as the rockery still looks quite bare on this side in spring. I’ll have to put in even more daffodils I think!

  8. There was a point in March Cathy when I bought out the watering can too but after such a wet winter it wasn’t too much of a hardship. β™₯ the heart.

    • After just one good watering the few lucky plants seem to have recovered. I think the cool misty nights are keeping them going! We had one rainy weekend in March and a few drops early March, but barely enough to dampen the surface…

  9. Nice heart πŸ™‚
    Hope you get some rain (preferably at night), I really don’t enjoy a dry spring….
    The slope is really starting to take on that full-spring look, are things still so early for you or is I working itself out?

    • Hi Frank. Still about 3 weeks ahead of “normal” (whatever that is!). There are freah leaves everywhere and I have cut the grass twice already! πŸ˜‰

  10. How dreamy your garden is to me! And March was dry in your part of the world? Sure don’t have to worry about that under the foot of snow still slowly melting here in Western Canada. Brr! Love those Rip Van Winkle daffs! I’m slowly adding all kinds of daffodils to the garden as the squirrels and hares leave them alone. I just have to be careful the ground isn’t too waterlogged in spring (learned that the hard way… poor daff clusters there!). Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers, Gina

    • I love those little daffodils too – I put a lot in last autumn but think I need to add more as they are so pretty for weeks on end! Thanks for visiting Gina!

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