Tuesday View (8th April)

We had rain!

I’m not the only one happy about it either…



Here’s today’s view after the first shower, early morning…


And then late afternoon when the sun came out again…


It looks so much fresher, and everything has grown since I last looked. The first wild strawberries – Fragaria vesca – are flowering…


The first Geranium phaeum


The white Narcissi “Thalia” that everyone said I would adore, and I do…


And the snowflakes – Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant’


Looking up…


What’s delighting you in your garden today?

47 thoughts on “Tuesday View (8th April)

  1. Your view looks happy to me in both images. Glad you happily received rain. I hope we get a break from it for a few days. It’s been too wet to get out into the garden. The Geranium phaeum has a pretty color.

    • “Too wet” is an expression I would love to be able to use right now. The rain has done some good, but I am hoping we’ll get just a little more… Hope yours clears up though so you can get outdoors again. πŸ™‚

    • I have a love-hate relationship with them too. We get so many lovely colours and sizes here. Apparently snails help keep the slug population down too, but in a wet year the snails can do as much damage!

  2. Oh Cathy, I am glad you got the rain, yea!! Love your snail picture, the flowers are pretty too! For us, all the bulbs have bloomed and are gone. The Tulip Magnolia trees are about to bloom and the hickory and red oak trees are starting to bud. With the 2.6 inches of rain we got yesterday, by the weekend I am sure everything will be budding!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Michael! You seem to be catching us up. My neighbour’s magnolia tree started blooming about a week ago and is still looking lovely. After all your rain things will speed up now! πŸ˜‰

  3. I did not know snails help keep down the slug population, we have both and they are taken in a bucket to the field behind our garden, where I hope they stay. Is your geranium is flowering early, nothing doing here yet, just leaves. The view looks green and lush even though you haven’t had enough rain, hope you do get some more.

    • Hi Julie. Apparently snails eat slug larvae. I think it may be true as we have so many snails and rarely slugs. I have never even tried removing them as it would be fighting a losing battle with the woods right next door! The geranium is an early flowering one and looks best in spring, although it does keep on flowering most of the year too unless very hot and dry. It self-seeds well but can easily be pulled up if it starts taking over! This year we are several weeks ahead, so it wouldn’t normally appear here until late April or even May.

    • Not enough time Bonnie! I would love to be out there all the time, but it gets fitted in around other commitments and the weather! Seriously, it is a very low-maintenance garden, and requires most work late spring (weeding) or late summer (cutting back).

  4. Everything is greening up and filling out a lot compared even to last Tuesday’s view. It is interesting how quickly it all seems to happen; one minute there is lots of bare soil then suddenly it is all covered with plants. Like your very smart black labels.

  5. April- weather πŸ™‚ sun and rain.
    I like your white and red-shaded blossoms. We have a lunaria flowering in the wood in front of our house. … and strawberries are flowering after a plastic-shelter (my father idea).

    • Hi Uta. It is a bit of a shock to feel the cold wind after such warm days last week! You have reminded me to look out for the Lunaria – some in the woods and one in my garden.

    • Yes, but we are still thirsty! πŸ˜‰ After so many weeks with barely a drop, and now strong winds, I will be watering at the weekend I fear…. in April!

  6. White “Narzissi Thalia” together with pink tulips – what a lovely combination, Cathy! Leucojum (maybe the same as yours) and some botanical tulips (yellow-white little stars) are delighting me today…

    • And I was doubtful about white daffodils but I now think they are my favourites! Hope you find some for this autumn’s planting. The G phaeum is gorgeous in spring but gets a bit vigorous and spreads like mad!

  7. You’re so right, the whole slope looks refreshed and clean and full of life! It really looks like full on spring now and I’m sure everything will take off as a result. (and I love the leucojum picture looking up inside!)

    • We have so many different sized snails and shell colours – some are really pretty, others are rather plain! You have a good week too! πŸ˜€

  8. Lovely. I have never tried leucojums, I should. It’s the fruit tree blossom that is beautiful in my garden at the moment, masses of white blossom (except the pale pink quinces.) Amelia

    • I am very impressed with these tall ones as they really stand out after the snowdrops are well over. The blossom in our neighbours’ gardens was short-lived due to last week’s heat, but it is much cooler now. We have typical April weather.

  9. I admit to being thrilled even hearing about rain! I’m sure that beautiful garden of your just thrives with each drink! I love each flower and plant, but I am particularly enamored with the little snowflakes. They are just so sweet! Right now I’m loving the early roses and the iris. The iris won’t be blooming much longer as the weather warms up. This is when they just delight me. πŸ™‚ Your garden is gorgeous, Cathy!

    • Thank you Debra! I am enjoying it at the moment, and the weather has been ideal for working out there too. Gardening is much more relaxing for me than just sitting in the garden, which we only do when it’s really hot, and I will try and get in a few hours for sowing some flowere seeds this weekend. The snowflakes are new to the garden this spring and I am very pleased with them as they seem to last despite the dry ground. Roses and iris sound like a lovely combination. Ours will flower in May when the poppies will start opening too. From now on it’s just wonderful being outdoors! I hope your weekend is relaxing too Debra. πŸ˜€

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