Tuesday View (22nd April)

More April showers and plenty of sunny intervals are making this such a glorious spring!


Tulips are flowering all over now.

The red tulips at the top of the rockery are some of my favourites: Tulipa “Eye Catcher”. Here they are a little closer up…


And even closer…


This patch of Tulipa “Eye Catcher” has grown since last year. And they always stand up to the weather very well.

What is catching your eye this week?

32 thoughts on “Tuesday View (22nd April)

  1. Ohhh! Love this shot of Tuesday at Two. Everything looks wonderful! I see it looks as if you have some aubretia in bloom too and those tulips are gorgeous. I love the scalloped/fringed edge and color. I need to find a good spot for RED tulips.

    • The aubretia has been better than ever this year, which has saved it, as I was considering pulling lots up! This is a lovely pure red tulip without any orange in it, which I really like.

  2. The color and the shape really do catch the eye…. also all the green that’s appeared in the trees and through the garden, your rain has done well for you!

    • We have been saying daily “Ooh, look how green it’s getting!”. The surrounding wooded hillsides are a picture! I have never known it to be this green in April before. We usually find it hard to find shade even in early May!

    • Still three weeks ahead of a “normal” year Michael… Our mixed woodlands are slowly turning green too – just the beech, sycamores, ash and oak to come into leaf now.

  3. Cathy, your red tulips are true eye catchers as the name says….so beautiful and cheerful blossoms!

  4. Well, it certainly catches my eye! Wow, is it a tulipa linifolia? Lots of things are catching my eyes at present, especially my Banks rose on the house wall.

    • That’s a nice surprise for you Janet! Quite a few of my bulbs have either moved or disappeared, but a couple of years ago I suddenly gained some mystery Iris reticulata, which prompted me to plant some more!

  5. I love the red tulips, Cathy. I don’t often see tulips! Occasionally someone is bold enough to plant them around “here” and they make such a splash of color. I have grown them, but they last but a day or two in our very warm spring weather. I will simply enjoy yours with you. They are wonderful. 🙂

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