Tuesday View (27th May)

The storm that hit us last night was short, but horrible, and as I stood at the window watching the wind whipping our trees, and the path turning to a river, my only thought was my peonies… They had only just begun to open on Sunday, and with the heavy buds weighed down by the torrential rain I feared they would not only be flattened but also the stems might break. However, on assessing the damage this morning I was extremely lucky – only one is a problem as I can’t stake it any better on the steep (and now slippery) slope…

Paeonia horizontalis!


We had strong sunshine for a while in the morning, but you can see the sky looks a bit stormy in today’s view…


And late afternoon we had more very heavy rain. I’m amazed how well the poppies stand up to it.


Here is a different view of the rockery today, taken from the bottom of the opposite side.


And my favourite flower today was this Geranium macrorrhizum. The lavender buds next to it will be open by next week. 🙂


What’s your favourite flower today?

39 thoughts on “Tuesday View (27th May)

  1. Hope your weather settles down a bit Cathy. Glad the peonies mostly survived intact–seems a shame to lose any of them though. Pretty geranium. I am enjoying a couple of foxglove today.

    • How lovely. Foxgloves remind me of my Mum’s garden when I was little! I cut loads of peonies still in bud today as the heavy rain was weighing them down. It’s rained almost non-stop all day!

    • The ferns are getting a bit flattened by the rain, but I’m sure they’ll recover. Will try and get a good photo at some stage. Enoy your irises Michael!

  2. Very, very pretty, everything! At least you have a sense of humor about the peonies! Maybe you can cut a lot and enjoy them inside, the flattened ones. My favorite flower is also the G. macrorrhizum. Love the stamens…

    • Thank you Andrea. As they say, “You have to laugh or you’ll cry”! I have cut a lot, although they are still in bud, but I’m sure they’ll open indoors.

  3. When I first saw your picture I thought Oh No! and imagined all your peonies snapped and damaged, but it looks like you made out all right. I have a tall one coming now too and I’ll need to figure out what to do with it….. I could just cut it, that would save me from a lot of staking stress!

    • And I even managed to get my stakes in early this year, but there are so many buds that the weight with rainwater too is just too much! Maybe I need to rethink how I support them…

  4. The garden is looking beautiful, it does not look as if there has been a storm. At the moment I think G. macrorrhizum must be a favourite of mine too as the bees love it. Amelia

    • You’re right, it looks amazingly calm in the photo considering the wind we had, but we have had non-stop rain all day today and it’s looking a little bedraggled now! The plants and trees are loving it though.

  5. Your slope is very colourful at the moment, I hope the peony recovers! If the stems aren’t broken it may become ‘verticallis’ again. My favourite flower today? um, still the R. Veilchenblau!

    • I cut a few buds off it to help it return to an upright position, but it’s so wet at the moment I can only hope! I can understand why you love that rose Christina – it is lovely! (Hope you’ll show us more photos at some stage!)

  6. Hope that the rain eases up soon Cathy so that you can enjoy your peonies. Funnily enough it’s too wet here to go out to decide what my favourite flower is today but yesterday it was astrantia ‘Gill Richardson’.

    • That reminds me that my astrantias haven’t flowered yet… must check on them. It’s still very wet here, but should be improving by the weekend. 😉

  7. Paeonia horizontils is quiet a special species – not often seen! (Hopefully). We have had some short strong winds and a little hail.I feared for the new born butterflies sitting on a bench – they made it. Today I like Daisies. I just look at some still closed Daisies on this dark and rainy morning.

  8. Torrential rain does such damage, I hope your weather calms down soon.We have lots of rain too. I have a pot of red Geum Mrs Bradshaw outside of the window, which I am enjoying a great deal this morning.

  9. Your garden looks great despite the rain. We had torrential rain all day yesterday and the roses are all hanging their heads in a very despondent way. We always get strong winds when the tall bearded irises are at their best and heavy rains as the roses are looking great. Some of them like Souvenir de la Malmaison just rot in bud. Still, that is the gardener’ s lot- dealing with the weather which is never quite right.

  10. Your flowers are all looking very good after the storm and the slope is it’s usual glorious self! I hope your peony manages to right itself and look beautiful once more. I’m enjoying all my candelabra primulas which have now started to flower and make the bog garden so colourful for a couple of months.

    • Look forward to seeing some photos of those Pauline. The peony will probably be cut completely, as the rain will not let off and some of the buds are trying to open!

  11. I swear there is always a storm or hail just about the minute the peonies open around here too!! They are quite horizontal!! LOL. Your garden is so full of colour all ready! Beautiful!

    • I like your white one very much, and will look for one to plant this autumn Janet. It really is a lovely plant, whatever colour and despite its strange smell!

  12. My gosh your rock garden is just gorgeous! I am envious of the flowers and lush green that you have growing there! I’d love to redo our front bed so I could plant like that (we have fabric and rocks). What a miserable storm.. and so hard to watch it smash everything. We get hail now and then that just destroys an entire garden if the hail stones are large enough. Fingers crossed your storms have abated by now!

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment Barbara! Yes, storms can be so devastating, but fortunately they are over for now. Just lots of rain! Hope your spring is in full swing. Have a great weekend!

    • After all the rain we’ve had the last few days (an awful lot!) I have to agree that everything is looking extremely green and lush! Thanks Alice!

  13. Glad you and the land survived the horrid spring weather. I have cages around my peonies. Mom’s Day Lilies took a beating in our heavy rains as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend Cathy

  14. Oh so lovely Cathy. I don’t have much luck with poppies myself. It’s funny what does well and not so well. The roses are thriving and so is my white clematis which has been growing for years at a snail’s pace and has really taken off this year. I hope you are well my friend and enjoying all this beauty that surrounds us charming gardeners. 🙂

    • I bet white clematis looks gorgeous Nancy. Glad it has decided to grow for you! Thank you I’m fine, and hope you are too. 🙂 Have a lovely June full of flowers and fragrance! 😉

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