Tuesday View (29th July)

I waited all day for the sun to come out properly, as it was hiding behind a humid haze, but then we had a thundery downpour… look at that rain!


The ferns on the far left, which I cut back almost a month ago, have grown so rapidly and filled out again – the weather suits them very well.

Then, a few minutes later, the sun came through and everything was glittering, the Perovskia looking lovelier than ever…


I found this butterfly waiting until the rain stopped completely – a Common Blue I think. (I’ll be posting my butterfly diary for July in a couple of days.)

ButterflyIn Rain

Have you had thunderstorms too?

33 thoughts on “Tuesday View (29th July)

  1. Since Saturday night, we’ve had nonstop rain, thunder & lightening, and even tornado warnings!! Our yard is a mess. Cleaning up debris is going to be a doozy!

    • I hope the tornadoes stay at bay… we haven’t had a really bad storm yet, but extremely heavy rain a few weeks ago made a real mess of the garden – the path was a river! Good luck with your clean-up.

  2. Big storms in our part of the world (The Ohio River Valley in Northern Kentucky, USA) on Sunday. High winds wreaked havoc on some seeds I was starting on our deck, in addition to smashing a few of our clay pots. Yesterday we picked up shards and swept up potting soil. Today we’re experiencing temperatures in 52F/74F range–about 20 degrees below the average for this time of year. New seeds will be started this evening as well as re-potting some plants…Ever the optimistic gardener! πŸ˜‰

    • That IS optimism! I like to be home when the weather is so unsettled and if I see a storm coming I rush out to put pots and treasured plants in safety. Hope your weather is calmer now, and good luck with the seed-planting!

  3. Beautiful last image of the blue, we usually have lots here but I haven’t seen so many this year. Our day was much as yours yesterday (Tuesday) with rain most of the day and thunderstorms during the evening and night, all is feeling very fresh even cool this morning.

  4. Finally we have rain and thunderstorms since Sunday. The weeks before were hot and dry. The newspaper and radio informed us that the Fire Warning Level had reached the highest point.

  5. We are having an amazing summer here but no rain. I envy you the rain. I love your blue butterfly. The butterflies have been amazing this year but no blues. It is lovely.

    • I agree, the plants really stand up tall after a good drink! It’s been quite damp for July here, and it looks like this weather is set to continue into August.

  6. We usually have thunderstorms in the summer but this year they have been much more frequent and have kept the grass unusually green and brought out huge flushes of weeds. Amelia

    • That is certainly one disadvantage of the rain… the weeds are loving it too! Still, we can be happy the garden is getting watered without any help from us. πŸ™‚

  7. We have had two days of thunderstorms since our return from Florida but the rain was much needed. While in Florida, it rained hard everyday but only briefly. Your garden looks lovely and happy. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Karen – the garden certainly is happy. It’s been hot in July, but with enough showers in between to keep the plants just about happy.

  8. Veritable stair – rods Cathy. The plants look happy on it though. We’ve had a couple of thunderstorms since the middle of the month but fortunately not as violent as they have been in some parts of the country.

    • Oh yes, I haven’t heard that expression for a while, but “stair rods” describes what we’ve had very aptly! We’ve also been lucky in that the rain has been without stormy winds which do so much damage.

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