24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Rainy May Morning

  1. Such a happy flower and its color made richer by those gorgeous raindrops…co0ld here again for a few days delaying some chores…but I welcome rain altho it is bringing more mosquitoes to the garden now.

    • The Rhododendron colour is actually far more vivid in cloudy wet weather as the sun seems to pale it. We needed the rain, but it is decidedly cooler here too now… the ups and downs of spring! Oh dear, mosquitoes already? Thankfully ours won’t appear until June or July….

    • A little too pink? ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are two pink plants and one white that were in front of the house when we moved here and they all look spindly and weak, and pruning has done little to help. But they always manage to flower, some years better than others. I think they just get too much strong sun and not enough moisture where they are.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to get a photo from indoors, through an open window, but in the end had to go out in the rain! The garden is drinking it all up, but unfortunately that means the slugs and snails are all out… and hungry. I nearly posted a photo of a long grey slug I saw, but decided some people would not appreciate that. LOL!

    • The rain came just right again, although we have had a few showers over the last couple of weeks. The problem this spring was wind, which hardly seemed to stop and just dried up any moisture we got…. now they are telling us there could be flooding in some areas! There seem to be no inbetween!

  2. Love Rhododendron blossoms and yours are beautiful. You are right, their color does appear brighter on a cloudy day. I’ve only had one blossom on my plants this year as they were killed back from being about 15 feet tall to about 5 feet from the bitter cold of this past winter.

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