In a Vase on Monday: Abundance


Cathy at Rambling in the Garden took Simplicity to its heights today, with her Monday vase of delicate violet Colchicum flowers. (You must take a look!) And she inspired my title too, asking if we had chosen simplicity or abundance this week – well, I wanted to put everything in my vase today! But I did at least restrict myself to a colour coordinated pink and blue theme. (Although the orange Tithonia are soooo lovely still!)



Asters, Plumbago, Caryopteris and Verbena are at the blue end of the spectrum, while the pinks are Roses, Sedums, more Asters, Cosmos, Persicaria and Linaria.


I used to hesitate at cutting flowers from my garden, but this meme has taken away my fear – there really is enough out there, and a few stems removed for a vase indoors is not at all noticeable. Cutting and bringing flowers into the house is also such a pleasurable activity.

Here are a few more pictures of my overflowing vase. It really does make me feel good to have so much colour and beauty in my home!

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Now please do visit Cathy to see what all the other Monday vase creators have chosen: Simplicity or Abundance.

Have a lovely week full of colourful abundance! 😉

40 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Abundance

  1. You vase just shows that we are still in summer, and you must be a good gardener to still have such fresh looking flowers…its all that dead heading and cutting of flowers for In a Vase on Monday that keep the plants in flower.

    • Deadheading really does make a difference, doesn’t it. My garden got a new lease of life once the heat of August disappeared and we had rain. Thanks for visiting Noelle!

  2. What a lovely bunch of flowers! The beautiful blues and pinks engender a romantic mood and are so well harmonizing.Like your vase very much, Cathy!

  3. Your overflowing and abundant vase is gorgeous – very hard to resist all those blooms isn’t it?!! The persicaria is such a great addition to a vase, isn’t it? I keep meaning to use it more often. It is interesting what you say about taking away the ‘fear’, because that’s exactly how it has been for so many of us. Thanks for sharing

  4. There’s clearly a LOT blooming in your early fall garden so I’m glad you chose abundance, Cathy! You may laugh but one of the first things I noted about your photos is how green you lawn is! We just tore the rest of our lawn out as Southern California lawns aren’t green unless they receive lots of supplemental irrigation and, in our drought, that’s not even possible.

    • Hi Kris – I meant to add a note about the lawn actually! Yes, it is very green because we gave it some much needed water when the drought just got too much, and then luckily it cooled down just before it was beyond repair! It bounced back with the morning dews and some rainshowers early this month. This is only a very small area of grass next to the house. The larger area of grass below the rockery is still brown, but I am sure it will come back next year.

  5. So many choices and they are put together so well, really nice. There might be a few notes of autumn in there with the sedum and asters, but the vase really sings summer. I’m a little envious of the green lawn background though 🙂

    • We managed to rescue this small patch of grass at the end of August before it sizzled beyond repair, Frank. The rest of the grass is still brown after the hot summer. You’re right – there’s still a lot of summer out there, despite the lower temperatures. 🙂

      • Looks like one little patch of green grass goes a long way!
        When there was more remodeling going on around here there was always a green spot where the paintbrushes and plaster tools were washed, I’ll take the green however I can get it!

  6. I love your selection here, Cathy – what a treat to have such a beautiful abundance! My garden is still too young… Love the way the asters and cosmos combine 🙂

  7. Just beautiful, Cathy! You have truly inspired me to fill a vase each week with all of my garden blooms next year. I make so many smaller bouquets, but I love the feeling of abundance in your glorious bouquet! What a delight! ♡

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