Hey, I thought spring was here!

On Monday I continued my spring tidy-up, accompanied by bees and birdsong…

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But then look at what came on Tuesday morning… several inches of snow!

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Fortunately it started melting rapidly by late afternoon, and we should be getting more sunshine by the end of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Is your spring weather teasing you too?

50 thoughts on “Hey, I thought spring was here!

  1. One step forwards and then two back Cathy – typical March weather. I came across the first bumble bee of the year nestling in a pot in the greenhouse this morning which gave both me and the watering can a start.

  2. We’ve had similar weather Cathy, no snow but a really cold wind today. Cold weather always feels worse in March somehow. I hope your sunshine returns soon.

  3. Our Spring’s here in The Pacific Northwest US are usually a mix of everything, sometimes all in one day. I hear ya. It is a tease!

    Lovely pics by the way. So vibrant and alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a shock it must have been to see that snow, Cathy! I can’t imagine how such huge shifts in climate would affect a garden, in particular when it’s early spring and those tender shoots are just getting started! The snow does create a beautiful backdrop to the spring colors, but I can imagine this was quite a shock! I think the weather is really becoming more and more a mystery to me, Cathy! I hope the rest of the week is more traditionally spring-like! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It actually didn’t start snowing until I was sitting down for breakfast, and I was amazed at how fast it settled. By lunchtime it had stopped and then it immediately started melting. All the plants in my garden are pretty tough, so I didn’t need to worry, but my neighbour has a Magnolia tree which – like fruit trees – is very susceptible to frosts when in bud. It usually flowers beautifully, but occasionally a frost catches its buds just as they are opening and they just drop off – no flowers and no bees!

  5. lovely to see your spring bulbs (I’m blogging from Australia, so just finishing a hot summer)…and what a shock to have snow back again the next day!

  6. What a shock for you and your flowers! They do look lovely in the snow and I’m sure they will be fine, plants are so adaptable. Hope that is the last of the snow for you!

    • Thanks Pauline. I nearly put our snow shovel away on Monday. LOL! We didn’t actually need it, as it all melted pretty quickly. I do hope that was the last of it though. It would have been so welcome in January, but not mid March!

  7. That’s a real shock to the system! It hasn’t snowed here but it is colder than it was a couple of weeks ago. There was fresh snow on the mountains above Florence where my husband is in hospital. Today it’s raining very lightly a bit like English rain.

  8. Cathy, your Anemones coronaria are very beautiful. Soon there will be sun and mild warmth for our spring flowers …Iยดm longing for spring so much …

    • You are right Janet – unfair! I have felt tricked into thinking spring was coming a few times, but it is still so cold even today. We have had snow in April before now, but I am hoping that was the last of it for this year!

  9. Oh my gosh, look at that snow! I hope your bulbs survive the cold. They’re beautiful, and so are your photos. I’m happy to hear that sun is on the way again. It’s really warmed up here with bright sun for the rest of the week, but we’re due for some rain over the weekend. We need it, so no complaints here. But snow…oh my that makes it hard to plan your spring days!

    • The bulbs are all hardy and the flowers don’t mind a bit of snow. It did squash the crocuses a bit though! Enjoy your spring sunshine and showers Alys!

      • That’s terrific news, Cathy. It’s warm and raining in San Jose this afternoon. I just went outside to visit my newly planted vegetables. It’s so nice to have a day of rain after planting.

    • I heard from Gardeners’ World that most of the daffodils are going over now in the UK and it has been damp and cool recently, but it has still been the mildest winter on record! Our winter was also very mild, but spring has been cold and the garden is warming up only very slowly.

  10. I remember when we lived in New England, several times we had a snowstorm on the first day of spring. Happy that it started melting quickly. As much as we can enjoy the snow in winter, this time of the year we are ready for those lovely flowers.

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