The Tuesday View: June 28th 2016

Today is a little cloudy and showery, but it is always interesting for me to look at my rockery in detail in different light conditions.So here is my Tuesday view taken at around 11 a.m. this morning.


The lavender is flowering beautifully attracting lots of bees, and the Linaria and roses are adding to the summery feeling. Left of the red rose you can see the grey foliage of the Russian Sage, which will start flowering next month. And bottom left the orange day lilies are looking good among the Aruncus.

Hope you can join me again with your views this week!


In a Vase on Monday: Midsummer Delights

Monday vases have become a kind of ritual, and if I have time on Sunday to dither over them an extremely pleasurable ritual it is too. A big thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again for hosting this lovely meme!

I am offering three vases this week (yes, three!), as my sister is with me for a visit at the moment so one was destined for her room, one for the hall and one for the dining room.

Vase 1: the rose ‘Alcantara’, flowering at the top of my rockery, along with the pink rose ‘The Fairy’, some grasses, Hypericum, Lavender and Alchemilla.


Oh, and some wild Fleabane and a Nigella seed head…


Vase 2: the red rose again, with grasses and Heuchera flowers to add some height…


And a close-up of the rose ‘Alcantara’.


Vase 3: The rose that I nearly got rid of two years ago… it is blooming like mad again!


With deep pink Lychnis and Alchemilla (I just can’t resist it at the moment)..


And some Vetch – such a pretty plant and as always infesting my day lily bed!


Have a great Monday and do join me again with a Tuesday View tomorrow!


Thursday’s Feature: Evening Primrose

This Thursday I am featuring a plant I often overlook. However, this year it has seeded itself in a rather prominent position at the front of a flower bed and is demanding attention!

Oenothera odorata ‘Sulphurea’


This perennial does not die down completely in winter but it still needs time and warmth to start producing its long stems, which have buds all the way up them. It starts flowering in June and will continue to flower all summer, even until October if it is mild. It is a very hardy plant – coping with extremes down to -28°C.


The cup-shaped flowers open when it is not too hot, and although it is called Evening Primrose I find it often opens flowers in the morning too. They are short-lived, but just as beautiful as they curl back up. This creamy yellow one turns pinker as it fades. Quite a remarkable colour.


Oenothera are noted for their importance for pollinators such as hummingbird hawk moths, and many of the common ones – Oenothera biennis – grow nearby on undisturbed ground. I have only seen a few bees on mine this year though…


This one is supposed to smell wonderful in the evenings. Unfortunately I haven’t ever detected more than a faint fragrance. It is still an enrichment for any garden though, but it will settle where it is happiest and not necessarily where you originally plant it!

I am linking in to the Thursday’s Feature meme at Cosmos and Cleome. Do visit Kimberley there to see what she has featured this week. And do join in!

The Tuesday View: 21st June 2016

Summer has officially arrived. Yippee! Um, where is the sun?

Here’s the view today, with little change I think, except that there is only one peony left…


… and I am zooming in on the red rose for Cathy (Garden Dreaming at Chatillon) who asked about it last week.


It has just started flowering and has so many buds it will be a real show soon.


Last week Dorris at Dig with Dorris asked about the ‘posts’ in the background. I must explain. Directly behind the trees/green fence in the background is a well-used public footpath. In the spring we had to have some of our trees cut down as they were growing over the gardenand disturbing our acer and other plants. The fence is quite high and as the machine needed to do the job had to stand on the footpath it could only cut them down over the fence to about 3 metres high. We intend to remove what was left standing as soon as we have a plan for an attractive piece of fencing there. Then the area will be planted with shrubs. The tree ‘stumps’ have started sprouting new leaves in places, but their days are numbered!

Join me in showcasing the same view of your garden each Tuesday to watch the seasons change.


In a Vase on Monday: Pick and Mix

It hasn’t rained so far today, and the sun – when it comes out – is very hot. Unfortunately when it goes behind a cloud the mosquitoes are out in force… but with long trousers and sleeves I have been able to wade through the jungle to pick some flowers for a vase for Cathy’s meme at Rambling in the Garden.

This was what I ended up with!


Yep, several vases – a bit of this and a bit of that, in limes and lemons, strawberry pinks and blueberry blues. It made me think of sweeties from those old-fashioned sweet shops where the jars line the shelves…

Among them all is perhaps the very last flower of my Veronica, and one of the last remaining peony buds…


I also included a rather washed out and wind-battered rose (lovely nonetheless!) and the first of the lavender…


With all the rain my lavender bushes have grown tall and are flopping. I have never seen this happen before. They will all have to be cut back hard in the autumn.

Other pickings included some pinks and a single Hypericum flower which opened a little earlier than usual this year and has been in flower for over a week already.


And of course the ubiquitous Alchemilla, with Violas and Sweet Williams…


… and some Geranium phaeum…


Heartfelt thanks to Cathy for hosting. She has made a touching tribute this week to fellow bloggers – Christina from My Hesperides Garden in particular – who share her pleasure in gathering flowers from their gardens every Monday. Cathy, this meme has made Monday such a cheerful day and has encouraged me to bring flowers into my home on other weekdays too. Thank you!


Thursday’s Feature: Philadelphus coronarius

A beautiful shrub is flowering in my garden right now: Philadelphus coronarius, also known as Mock-Orange, flowers in June here and is quite something…


Unfortunately this cultivar has practically no scent, unlike many other Philadelphus. So if you are planning on buying one, make sure it is fragranced. The flowers alone are, however, worthy of a spot in any garden.


This particular shrub is about 3 metres tall and about 3 metres wide. It was probably planted when this house was built, over 30 years ago. I have pruned it very cautiously a few times. This year it will need a lot of old wood removing, but even of it is not so spectacular next year it will help growth long-term.


The overhanging branches laden with flowers look lovely in the front garden as I come up our hill. Especially if there is some blue sky behind them.


Here are a few more images of it. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today I am joining Kimberley again at Cosmos and Cleome for her meme ‘Thursday’s Feature’. Please join us in featuring a plant each Thursday, so we can see what grows in other parts of the world too!


The Tuesday View: 14th June 2016

I decided to get a shot of the view in the morning today, as (surprise, surprise) rain is expected later. The sun just managed to add a bit of warmth to the photo before disappearing behind thick clouds again!

Tuesday View, 14th June 2016, 11.30am

Tuesday View, 14th June 2016, 11.30am

I think this view of the rockery has changed quite a lot since last week, but then I know every centimetre of it! Almost all the poppies have gone over now, some have been removed too to give the other plants some breathing space, and the red rose top centre is starting to flower. The white peony is almost over, while the lavender is just showing a hint of colour. And my new rose (centre) ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ is flowering. The Centranthus ruber is in full bloom, but I am quite worried as I have only seen one solitary Hummingbird Hawk-moth on it so far. Normally there are several at a time throughout the day.

What changes have you noticed in your garden recently?

It would be lovely if any of you wish to join me in posting a photo of  the same view of the garden week by week. Just put a link to your post in the comments here, so others can also enjoy your view!