In a Vase on Monday: Catching the Light

For the first time this year I have a late winter/early spring flower from my garden to put in a vase for this Monday meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

Last week I managed to remove a lot of the winter debris from my rockery and flower beds, including Miscanthus leaves strewn across the garden (it never gets cut sown in time to prevent that happening!). While gently raking up twigs and leaves left behind from the storm in January I saw something white. “Ooh, a snowdrop!”

Yes, just one!


It was in the coldest possible spot on the north side of the house, and since it looked so cold and lonely I decided to bring it indoors!


A little sprig of Euphorbia, some white Erica and some Heuchera leaves provided the support it needed to stand up in a vase – the tiny green vase was bought in Norfolk last summer. The glass candle holder behind it and the mat below it remind me of the ripples of the sea…


I hope you can also see signs of spring in your garden today. Even if they are sparse, they are so very welcome!

The Tuesday View in January

As promised, here is a picture of the Tuesday View under the snow!


It is very frosty, so I didn’t stay out for long with my camera. But here are a couple of other images from today too.

Clematis tangutica – a tangle of stems with straggly seed heads, but the snow makes them seem quite comical!


My beautiful Miscanthus ‘Adagio’ still looks pretty with some sun catching the top…


There is no warmth in the sun outdoors today, but it does add some welcome sparkle…


Hope you have blue skies this week, wherever you are!

In a Vase on Monday: Pale and Interesting

It’s far too cold and snowy to even attempt to find anything in my garden for a Monday vase this week, so I have resorted to some dried flower and seed heads saved from warmer days…


Included are: Sedum, Lavender, Hydrangea, Cynara, Echinacea, Crocosmia and Iris.


There is still a very pale hint of pink on the Sedum, but it didn’t dry terribly well. The dried Hydrangea, however, still looks pretty…


This other vase is a permanent fixture on this shelf, so I brought it into the light to show it off and moved the other vase to another spot. It contains grasses collected from our garden and a nearby woodland clearing, but I can only identify the fluffy Molinia (far left) for sure…


I am looking forward to visiting other vases over the next day or two which will be shared at ‘Rambling in the Garden’, where Cathy hosts this Monday meme.

Have a good week!

In a Vase on Monday: Recycling

This second week of December I am once again joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a Monday vase. As it is very cold and very frosty I decided to just add a few snippets to the remains of last week’s vase with the lovely Mahonia at the centre.


I added some Hypericum and some sprigs of lavender, box and pine. The grasses and seed heads from last week were also reused.


A Christmas tealight holder was used as a container and all the other paraphernalia is my seasonal windowsill decoration. (Elvin the Elk is making his annual appearance on this blog!)


If you think there is nothing to pick in your garden, why not go and take a second look… it is amazing what you may find! 😉

P.S. I have also got a few small branches of Forsythia in a jug, hoping they will open by Christmas Eve… if you have already had a cold spell and cut a sprig from spring-flowering shrubs or cherry or apple trees now, they should flower indoors within 3 -4 weeks. 🙂

In a Vase on Monday: A Vase for Alys

Last week was grey and damp and I was feeling rather despondent about my vase contents for today.

And then magic happened, and a surprise parcel arrived all the way from sunny California from my dear blogging friend Alys, at Gardening Nirvana.

😀 😀 😀

The package contained a beautiful handmade card displaying a vase full of flowers and the calendar marking Monday…


It is so pretty, and so ‘me’.

And the icing on the cake was a pack of vase arrangers that Alys also sent along – these are soft wire discs/’nets’ that can be bent to shape for any vase and help keep individual stems in place. I have wanted one for ages after seeing them on someone’s blog, but have never seen them here.


This was the inspiration I needed for my vase, and I spent this morning happily playing around with stems and seed heads. One of my favourite vases has quite a wide top and so I was pleased I could use it for fewer stems this week.

A big thank you to you, Alys, for cheering up my week and being so thoughtful! This vase is for you! xxx (I hope you have read my mail Alys!)


The main components are red stems and foliage, with the Mahonia at the centre. The Fennel seeds are a favourite element for Advent vases, as when the seeds drop they leave behind little stars…


I included several different grasses – names forgotten for the moment.


Some Iris sibirica seedheads still look good in the garden and I found some fresh red Cotinus shoots as well…


To top it all, we had sunshine today – the first for what seems like weeks! (It was very frosty too this morning).


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme and getting me out searching for vase materials even on a cold and frosty November morning. 🙂

And thanks again to Alys. 🙂


Have a great week everyone!

In a Vase on Monday: Now what is that thing called again?

After the frosts ten days ago the past week was just so incredibly wet that even the Persicaria has given up the ghost. Which leaves me with very little to cut for my Monday vases now. The Golden Euonymus usually stays golden all winter though, so I picked a large sprig of it and some grasses; Miscanthus and…? Then the last Echinacea seed head (the others have gone mouldy), a Skimmia flower, and some of that silvery foliage…


Now what is that called again! I have a mental block concerning that plant. Marrubia? Or something similar?

I am not at all keen on Skimmias, but this was in a basket given to me last month and has at least added a bit of colour to the patio.


The vase, with its tree silhouettes seemed appropriate for the season. Most of the leaves have come down now, but there are still some birch hanging on, and the larches are turning golden too.

If you are joining in Cathy’s meme I hope you have better luck than I did finding something for a vase this week. But if you hop over to Rambling in the Garden I am sure our dear host has created something lovely once again to inspire us all. 🙂