The Tuesday View Returns!

Some of you may remember me posting the weekly view of my rockery for a year (2014), and the year before it was the long view down the garden that I featured every Tuesday afternoon (2013). Well, thanks to some encouragement by Christina (at MyHesperidesGarden) who also posted a regular view of her slope for a year or so, I have decided to start it up again. And if anyone would like to join in, please do!

The idea is to choose just one view, and to take a photograph of it from roughly the same spot every Tuesday.

When I first started this weekly post, observing the changes through the seasons or the light at different times of day gave me much insight into the plants to use in my rockery. Hopefully this learning process will now continue.

Overall the planting has remained much the same over the past few years, with only a couple of new additions – some grasses, which are as yet not big enough to notice, and a rose –  ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ – which is just starting to flower but is still a fairly small plant.

The Tuesday view, 7th June 2016, 2pm


I would be so pleased if anyone would like to join me with their own “Tuesday View”.


September Favourites and 4th Blogging Anniversary!


WordPress sent me a message yesterday to congratulate me on 4 years of blogging… where did those 4 years go?!

To celebrate here are some of my favourite things this September, captured late yesterday afternoon. The sun briefly joined me too.

The photo above is my favourite view at this time of year, with the sun lighting up the dwarf Miscanthus ‘Adagio’. The Acer in the foreground is just starting to change colour, as are the Ceratostigma plumbaginoides below, which provide for gorgeous ground cover till November.


Another favourite is this beautiful Echinacea – supposedly “Orange Passion” but very different from the one I had last year (which the slugs ate) so I was possibly sent the wrong one. I shall call it “Custard Passion”!


The old Tuesday view is looking slightly dishevelled at the moment – a lot of the lavenders have been cut right down, and some will need replacing completely next spring, but I still love looking across the rockery to the acer and the birch trees beyond…


This Rosa rugosa surprised me with a few more flowers – it has kept going all through the summer.


And this Knautia macedonica ‘Mars Midget’ is a real joy – it flowered in July and then I thought it had succumbed to the drought, but as soon as the weather cooled down it started flowering again.


Nearby the Caryopteris is starting to open. The bees love it, and aren’t those tiny petals exquisite?


Finally, a look at some of the plants potted up on my patio, which are giving me great pleasure right now…

What is giving you most pleasure in your garden right now?

Thank you to everyone who reads, likes or comments on my posts – I have had so much fun blogging and sharing thoughts with you over the last 4 years. Here’s to the next 4!


Tuesday View (18th November)

Another year of Tuesday views has passed. Time for a new view? Time for something completely different? I shall be chewing this over in the coming week – any ideas would be welcome! In the meantime here’s today’s view – a typical rainy November day!


And here’s a look back over the past year… Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is your view like today?

Tuesday View (11th November)

It was a bit dismal out there today until around 2pm, when the sun finally came through the fog and low cloud and I nipped out quick with my camera before it decided to disappear again!


I noticed the leaves of the Persicaria amplexicaulis “Firetail” are starting to wilt and turn brown, but this wonderful flower has lasted so well again this year. I planted a second one just below the Perovskia – Persicaria amplexicaulis “Blackfield”, which has darker pinky red flowers but the same pale green foliage… Can’t wait to see that flower next year!

The yellow and orange leaves of the sycamores and beech are still helping to brighten up the view, making up for the acer having now dropped all its beautiful leaves.


I notice in this photo how much I like the crocosmia leaves, at the top of the rockery in front of binocular man. I had one flower on those crocosmia this year – the first since planting several years ago. So high hopes for next year…maybe two flowers? 😉

Have a good week, with plenty of sunshine!


Tuesday View (4th November)

The sun was out before me this morning! We have had a little early fog the last few days, but November has started off more like October – golden and glorious.

Here’s the golden view for today…


And from a slightly different angle, standing at the bottom of the rockery and looking up towards the woods…


It is still incredibly green for this time of year and our moss is flourishing. It feels so soft when we walk over it too.


My kitchen is on the north side of the house  – normally fairly dark with the woods there, but as the leaves fall and turn golden the light indoors is quite lovely.

Do you notice different light indoors too in the autumn?

Tuesday View (28th October)

I was actually quite surprised when I compared today’s view with last week’s – not as much change as I thought after all the wind and rain we had. We can see up into the woods now though (behind the acer).



The acer still has so many leaves so I thought I’d take a few pictures of the last of the autumn colour before it all fades…

Binocular man on the right is being swaped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!)

Binocular man on the right is being swamped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!


Focussing on the positive: these bright and warm colours are a tonic on cloudy days

Even with no sunshine the acer glows

Even with no sunshine the acer glows


And the miniature cherry has managed to retain most of its leaves this autumn too, showing some nice colour

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' with some Physalis to the left

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ with some Physalis to the left and one of my favourite (no-name) Heucheras on the right


We only had a few very brief rays of sunshine today, but to the north – as is so often the case – the sky was pale blue

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery


Enjoy the last few days of October!

Was it a golden month for you?

Tuesday View (21st October)

An early morning photo today, with the mist in the background and pale filtered sunlight just breaking through low cloud…


THE rose is still flowering, and the garden still looks very colourful.


I thought I had better take my picture early as the storm that passed over the UK a couple of days ago was on the way to us. It took all day to get here though and as I write now the wind is howling and it is pouring with rain, thundering and lightning too… I’m glad I managed to tidy away a few more pots and cut down some soggy foliage earlier.

I’m also glad I got a few photos of the silvery dwarf Miscanthus in the sunshine…


The pink asters have gone over now, but this snail doesn’t seem to mind


I  noticed that the sedum also has a new admirer – the Cymbalaria , which has spread like mad this year, has fallen in love!


A final picture today of one of my tomato plants. Yes! In mid-September I distributed some of my compost over part of the rockery and two self-seeded tomato plants appeared shortly after. They look so incredibly healthy. I don’t think I’ll see any tomatoes though!


Have a good week – with calm weather!